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Holy Week Service Schedule 2020

Maundy Thursday St Andrew’s Schroon Lake noon St Paul’s in Brant Lake 6pm Good Friday St Andrew’s Schroon Lake at noon St Paul’s in Brant Lake 6pm Easter Sunday St Paul’s Brant Lake Sunrise service-5am (Followed by brunch) St Christopher’s North Creek 10am St Andrew’s...

Important to think about

When we allow ourselves to get out of the habit of going to church every Sunday we are denying the problems we complain to our friends about all week long. Let's start making it easier on everyone and bring your problems to the one who will listen. Fr John

Jesus is knocking

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock…” Revelation 3:20 If you notice when looking at this painting there is no knob on the door that Jesus is standing in front of...... because He will not force himself into our lives, but instead is waiting with the patience of...

St Chris’ looking good

Mother Nancy and friend Marge Hull were busy today making the front yard of St Christopher's look real nice for the summer. 

What to Give up for Lent

Fasting for the glory of God isn't just about food - its about all those ways we walk apart from Him; this Lenten season I'm fasting from worry (lol) and feasting on the promise of God's providence. Deacon Nancy Below Image is captured from Christianity Today...

Remember to change the clocks

Just a Gentle Reminder to change the clocks Spring ahead an hour before bed Saturday evening or.....  

Adirondack Mission Display

The Below photos are from the Adirondack Missions display that we had at convention to show people where all our churches are located. It was a big hit.... for the interactive part we asked people to place a pin in the map of the diocese where their church was...

Summer Mission Schedule

For the summer visitors we thought it would be great to post the schedule for all the mission churches as to where the clergy was going to be. We try to have clergy at each church over the summer. Hope to see many new faces. Reminder that this Sunday June 19th,...

Father John Cairns

Priest in Charge