Sunday’s collect has a wonderful reminder in it for us at this time of year….

“Almighty God, help us at your Son Jesus Christ’s coming at Christmas, to prepare in ourselves a mansion for him.”
We normally would recall His saying to us that there are many mansions in His house that he is going to prepare for us, but in contrast this is the time when we should be opening our hearts to have a place for Him in ours.
John the Baptist has been reminding us to straighten our path for Him in the last couple weeks of Liturgy, to Justify ourselves, to make ourselves Righteous for Jesus coming.
In the same way we would receive a baby that a family member or friend brought to us to visit we need to make room for The Son.
Father God, please help us we pray, to even in this busy time of the year, take the time to stop all the hustle and bustle and to listen in our hearts for what this season is really about…..for it’s ALL EVER really about you coming into our hearts. 

Best wishes for the season from the people of the Adirondack Mission. May you have Shalom